The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Calculated Meal Plans

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Russell T.

I’ve been looking for a program to create meal plans with the foods I enjoy.  I’m extremely happy to have found this program, and it’s exactly what I imaged it would be.

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Olivia R.

I just bought the Meal Plan Master and I must say it is a game changer!  It makes meal planning for clients so much easier!


Muscle and Strength Training Program for Men

Olly S.

Although I’m a PT myself, it’s nice to have someone else write your program for you.  When I saw the UMP 2.0 I knew I wanted to do it.  It’s so easy and simple to follow.  Highly recommend it!

Chris P.

Extremely impressed with the Ultimate Male Physique 2.0 program!  Having visuals of your progress and a structured program can really make a difference when following through on a goal.

Ryan I.

I couldn’t figure out where to start in order to take my strength to the next level.  I need a workout program tailed for me and Salama delivered.

Oscar A.

Hey man!  I just got 2.0 and I love the idea of being able to track my progress with easily readable graphs.  Thank you!

Mahmoud K.

The Ultimate Male Physique 2.0 is the most effective, simplified and accurate program I’ve ever experienced!

Nick M.

I just tried the first push day of the Ultimate Male Physique 2.0 and I can already tell that the amount of compound movements in this programs is going be great.  Excited for the weeks to come!


I got UMP 2.0 and I’ve started to see significant changes in my physique and strength, all while being able to track my progress!


Got UMP 2.0 and it’s very well detailed.  It’s easy to manage and switch exercises, rest times, and reps.  Also really easy to track progress.  Great job!


Full-body Weight Training Program for Women

Custom Meal Plans

Want a Custom Meal Plan Made Specifically For You?

Getting your diet in check can be challenging.  A custom meal plan can be a great way to get you on the right track.

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