How to Setup a Fat Loss Diet

by in Nutrition February 16, 2019

In this video, we discuss how to setup a fat loss diet. We cover the following topics:

1. What is a calorie

2. What is energy balance

3. Why a calorie deficit or a negative energy balance are a must

4. How to calculate maintenance calories (body weight in pounds x 14)

5. How much of a calorie deficit to establish

6. How to setup macros for fat loss (protein, carbs and fats)

7. Protein while dieting (0.8-1.0g / lb of body weight)

8. Why diet is more important than cardio for fat loss.


1.… (Energy balance and it’s components)

2.… (Effects of different calorie deficits)

3.… (History of a calorie)

4.… (Calorie deficit for weight loss)

5.… (protein for lean athletes while dieting)

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