Meal Plan Master: The Easiest Way To Master Your Diet and Maximize Your Results

Stop Wasting Valuable TIME With the 95% of Diets That DON'T WORK!

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Are You Struggling to Lose Fat Around Your Stomach and Lower Back?

Build Muscle and Lose Fat Faster By Mastering Your Diet

lower back fat

If you want to burn fat in those hard to lose areas, so you can have a lean, defined physique, you MUST fix your diet!

Want this instead

If tracking on-the-go hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to take a STRUCTURED approach to your diet

Like the saying goes… “fail to plan, and plan to fail”

The Meal Plan Master Gives You EVERYTHING YOU NEED To Create Calculated, Personalized Meal Plans In Minutes!

“I’ve been looking for a program to create meal plans with the foods I enjoy.  I’m extremely happy to have purchased this program and it’s exactly what I imagined it would be.  Thank you so much!” – Russell T.


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for a macro calculator that would give suggested meal plans to go with the numbers.  Being someone with an erratic schedule, I need to simply my life as much as possible.  The Meal Plan Master is perfect!  I’m so happy I bought it!” – Jimmy L.

“This program takes all the guess work out of meal prep.  I’m incredibly satisfied with the program and the results it’s given me.  I’ll be using it for the rest of my life!” – Matthew C.

“I just bought the Meal Plan Master and I must say it is a game changer!  This makes meal planning for clients so much easier!” – Olivia R.



“The Meal Plan Master is one of the best dieting programs I’ve come across.  It’s helped me design flexible meal plans with easy.  I only takes 1-2 minutes to build a meal plan.  In short, it makes life and dieting so much easier.” – Kundan M.

“Hey Salama, this is Jay and Kristin here!  We just want to thank you so much for creating this program, you have seriously helped us grow our online coaching!  Kris and I are able to make tailored meal plans for any of the goals our clients have.  So from both of us, we want to say thank you for everything!” – Jay and Kristin

“I totally love the Meal Plan Master as it is very convenient and time saving for people like me who have a busy schedule day in day out.  Everything is at my fingertips now and I can customize my diet to whatever goals I set with ease.” Thayalan S.

“I purchased the MPM almost a year ago.  Initially, I really appreciated how easy it was to use and understand.  I had to reach out a few times with questions and always received quick feedback.  Additionally, I really appreciate the continued updates to make the program better for the users.  Overall, the MPM has been a great resource to create meal plans that work for me, and the customer service has been exceptional.  Thank you so much!  – Emily G.

What's Inside

Excel Spreadsheet

The Meal Plan Master is an Excel spreadsheet designed by experienced trainers and professional programmers to simplify meal planning

The program is designed in 3 easy steps:

1. Set your goals

2. Create your customized food list

3. Develop your meal plans

The goal is to match the meal plan totals (protein, carbs, fats, calories) with your target goals.

Once the colors are no longer red, meaning your meal plan totals match your calculated (goal) totals, you’re good to go!

How-To Tutorials

You’ll receive full access to private how-to video tutorials which explain in detail how to use the program


Food List

Meal Plans

Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me personally at:

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This Works With ALL Diets

The Meal Plan Master can be used to make meal plans for ANY TYPE OF DIET

Flexible Dieting
Intermittent Fasting

Create an UNLIMITED  number of meal plans for your FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS, CLIENTS and everyone you know!

I'm Ready to Start Meal Planning!


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Read What Fitness Experts Are Saying

The Meal Plan Master is a breath of fresh air when looking to get your nutrition back in order. The evidence-based approach to building a meal plan tailored to your needs is the best I have seen in the industry.

Austin Current
Physique Coach

The Meal Plan Master is a well-designed, easy to use interface that helps make meal planning 100 times easier!

Austin Dunham
Fitness YouTuber

The Meal Plan Master is great for those who want to have control over their diet but don’t feel like tracking calories and macronutrients rigorously.

Mounir A.
Author and Coach

Are You a Fitness Professional?

Would you like to add “Custom Meal Plans” to your list services?

We’ll customize the Meal Plan Master with YOUR COMPANY’S color scheme and logo

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For customization inquires, contact:

Here's How it Works


In the first section you tell us about your body type and lifestyle.  This will help us determine how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current body weight.

Dieting & Goals

Now it’s time to set some goals!  What’s your desired body weight and timeline?  This is also where you select the diet to match your goals.

Custom Macros

You can also input custom macros if you’d like to override the calculated numbers

Customize Your Food List

Add, remove, and edit food items in the food list as you like.  These will be used to create your meal plans.  Resources are included to find the nutritional data (protein, carbs and fats) of foods.

Meal Planning

This is where the meal plans are made.  Select number of meals, items per meal, and the type of foods.  Then adjust the amounts until the colors at are no longer red

Balance Check

Once the meal plan totals match the calculated totals, the balance colors will no longer be red, and you’re good to go!

This SAVES YOU Time, Money and Stress...

How much money have you spent eating out, and buying foods that were NOT in line with your goals?

How many times have you second guessed your diet, even when you were eating “clean” healthy foods?

A CALCULATED approach may be the missing piece to your dieting success

A REAL Science-Based Approach

Scientific research has shown that energy balance (calories in vs calories out) is the foundation of any weight loss or weight gain diet

Research-based recommendations are detailed in the program to help you select the best options for your goals

We're Always Improving!

You’ll receive future updates free of charge

Software Requirements: We recommend Excel 2010 and higher

What Does This Cost?

ONE personal training session can cost you $100+

Buying custom meal plans can cost you HUNDREDS

Let me ask you this…  Now, what is it worth to NEVER have to second guess your diet, and to be able to make meal plans that actually work…  FOREVER!

I'm Ready to Start Meal Planning!


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If for any reason you are experiencing technical issues with the program, simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money

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